Services Offered

Close Protection/Body Guarding

In today's world, personal protection is a necessity, rather than just a luxury. Empire Support Management is a global provider of executive protection and travel risk management services, in both permissive and high risk environments. Empire Support Management are capable of providing:

  • Specialist Close Protection
  • Armed Escort
  • Personal Security
  • Secure Travel Planning

Our Consultants are available to you 24/7. We are here to ensure that you have peace of mind and that you will be able to sleep soundly at night, secure with the knowledge that the consultants are looking after you, your family and your property.


Executive Security Escorts/Chauffeuring

If someone is arriving from abroad who has secure transport needs or you feel that you would need to be escorted to or from certain destinations, Empire Support Management will provide you with a Security Escort, for which we will recommend and, if necessary, provide a vehicle to meet your requirements.


24hr Guarding

Empire Support Management offers a guarding service to clients who require a security presence, be it at their home or business. The advantage of having visible security is superior to that of an alarm or relying on an armed response company.

It is a visible immediate threat to the would-be criminal, disrupting him/them from their potential crime and preventing any type of information gathering.


Event Security

Empire Support Management offers a security service for functions of any nature, be it weddings, parties or high-level functions and events.

Security for these functions can either be overt or covert. Protectors will be dressed professionally and will provide an overall security presence, including searching the venue and liaising with on-site security and staff.


Convoy Escort (High Risk)

Whether high value - low volume or low value - high volume, Empire Support Management safely transports mission critical equipment through medium and high-risk areas around the world.

Empire Support Management prevents hijacking, theft, kidnapping and armed attacks through careful preparation planning and comprehensive briefing.

During transit, Empire Support Management maintain communications and track individual vehicles using GPS tracking devices. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs.


Security Consulting and Assessment

We have a database of security companies, all of whom are experts in all aspects of the industry and cover a wide range of security equipment and products.

Together, we can assess and advise on security measures that could be implemented at your home or business, to ensure the safety of your family and assets.


Security Management

If security measures already exist, or new measures are to be implemented, Empire Support Management will oversee the process and maintain the highest level of security service possible thereafter.


Investigation and surveillance

Mainly for the business sector, but for personal issues as well, we will take over the investigation and questioning procedure on behalf of the client as well as liaising with the police and necessary authorities.

We all have the facilities available to do surveillance on the client's behalf, be it for an installation or person/s.


Assets in Transit

Empire Support Management is able to provide discreet transportation and temporary security of assets/cash/valuables. We would utilise a highly trained team to deliver to you or for you, without you having to take the risk yourself.

Empire Support Management recognizes that there are occasions when you have a package that requires special attention.

We are able to offer protection to both regular and ad-hoq transfers. Specialising in hostile environments, Empire Support Management is experienced in all manner of transfers, from payroll distribution to transport of secure hi value items.


Medical Backup/Standby

If you have a medical emergency, we are able to provide you with a fully qualified paramedic with-in minutes of your call.

We also have the facility to provide medical support on-site at functions as well as on executive/personal protection teams.


Client Specific Requirements

No matter how small or irregular the requirements are, Empire Support Management is happy to assist.

Whether it is an airport escort in the early hours of the morning or escorting teenagers for a night on the town, we can provide!